Weekly Update by MarshMallowDeFI

As usual, we would like to give a brief update on the objectives achieved and on the new collaborations that we are perfecting or have already completed. Finally, we are proud to announce that we are now visible on some of the largest crypto sites such as CoinGeko and Coinmarketcap. We have reached an incredible number of 7,000 users on our combined social media pages and the TVL of the platform has reached peaks of 22 million.

With these amazing results, we would like to thank you, the members of our community for the trust you have placed in us. In recent weeks, we were able to celebrate 2 crucial agreements that are very important to us in the area of visibility: CoinTigher and HotBit! The agreement with the Coin Tigher Exchange has opened a contest with MAsh that will last until the end of the month. The winner of this trading contest will acquire 550 MASH as a gift, on the MASH / USDT pair!

The second agreement will be active in a few hours: We are also now available on HotBit exchange!!!!!!!

To participate and trade on their platform, we will have to wait for the opening of the deposits which will take place at 6 UTC on 26/04/2021. Trading will start after 4 hours precisely at 10 UTC.

The trading pair will be MASH / USDT.

A few minutes ago, we added 3 new liquidity pools to offer users more services. The inserted pairs are DOGE-BUSD; USDC-BUSD; USDT-BUSD. We hope these pair combinations are to the liking of the community. We are focused on providing greater earning opportunities to our community!

For confidentiality reasons, we cannot provide you with further updates. However, be certain that as our endeavors are successful, we will not hesitate to bring you all the important news surrounding our development. Many great things are in the works that will bring even more visibility and growth to the entire ecosystem.