What is Toffee (TOFY)?

Toffee is the reference token for SAFEFARM within the MarshMallow ecosystem, it is a digital currency received in exchange when you Pool or Farm your Reflection Tokens. Toffee is a mintable token and serves multi-functional purposes including the remuneration, purchase and exchange of NFTs on the platform within the Marshmallow Marketplace. All TOFY used for the exchange and purchase of NFTs will be burned to decrease the amount of the currency in circulation, control token inflation whilst increasing its overall value. The basic idea is to create real NFTs made and developed by professionals in the sector, to bring to the community real valuables that can be exchanged and appreciated over time. The Toffee token was created to control and manage this entire mechanism. Plans are in the works to create teams that will help foster continuous user interaction on the network and ensure the development of the entire ecosystem.

The teams formed spontaneously by the aggregation of users will clash through temporary contests, governed by precise rules and time constraints. Our task will be to provide the entire community with all the regulations necessary for the correct participation in the “Contest”. The winning team will obtain fantastic prizes in Toffee, to be shared with the entire team. In addition to this, there will also be unique and rare NFTs created specifically for the occasion! This NFT collection event in combination with the Toffee competition will make our community more cohesive and active, benefiting the entire Marshmallow ecosystem.

Stay Tuned for new and upcoming news! :)