What is Toffee (TOFY)?

Toffee is the reference token for SAFEFARM within the MarshMallow ecosystem, it is a digital currency received in exchange when you Pool or Farm your Reflection Tokens. Toffee is a mintable token and serves multi-functional purposes including the remuneration, purchase and exchange of NFTs on…

It is with great enthusiasm that we are announcing a new partnership with DeFiPie. We will work together to ensure the roll-out of better services and greater flexibility for our community! We bring you a short extract extrapolation directly from the DeFiPie page.

DeFiPie allows everyone to create lending pools for any assets on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. Users can supply their assets and borrow other digital assets. Decentralized Finance is one of the most quickly growing innovations in financial services. DeFiPie aims to leverage the merits of De-Fi to build a financial system that is open to everyone and minimizes the need to rely on central authorities.

Stay Tuned!!!

Weekly Update by MarshMallowDeFI

As usual, we would like to give a brief update on the objectives achieved and on the new collaborations that we are perfecting or have already completed. Finally, we are proud to announce that we are now visible on some of the largest crypto sites such…

by MarshMallowDeFi

We have some BIG NEWS with regards to updates on Marshmallowdefi and its implementations!

SAFEFARM: the platform for staking and farming reflection tokens will be launched on Monday.

SAFEFARM is a real innovation in the world of reflection tokens and an implementation protocol that is missing in the De-Fi world…


Just one day after the last update, we are thrilled to announce the incredible news that we have reached a TVL of $ 6 million and a single MASH value of $ 17. We are delighted to have been listed by the giant Beefy Finance, a move that will bring incredible value to such a young platform. To support the Beefy Finance project, he dedicated an amazing tweet to us: 3 winners of 100 $ each in 48 h!!!!!

As usual, we have burned 5,000 MASH in the last 8H.

Stay Tune for the next news !!!!!!

Announcements and News

It’s been 5 days since our launch, and we want to give you a quick update on what has transpired within that time. We will take a look at what we’ve achieved and how this will affect the future of the platform. The point we are most excited about and…


Dear Community,

After the turbulent launch on the BSC, the Devs managed to solve all the problems, and the platform took off as expected! We thank you for your patience and trust! We are thrilled to announce a new milestone:

The platform’s TVL of $ 250,000.00 and token value of $ 2.00!

Furthermore, we want to share with you other values ​​that should not be underestimated:

10,000MASH destined for Devs and the Team,

have been blocked for 30 days:

24H for BOUNCE platform

Dear Community,

We are pleased to announce that the MASH token will remain 24 hours in Presale on the Bounce platform at a very low price !!!

What are you waiting for? Join the crowd….

What is MarshMallow?

MarshMallow is a performance optimizer, which enables performance aggregation for all users of MASH tokens. It is a platform to facilitate the automation of compounding and the yield farming process. MarshMallow uses various strategies to help users grow their assets through automation.

MarshMallow is optimally composed and…


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